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Think all firewood is the same? Think again! Kiln dried firewood by ATH has countless advantages over traditional firewood. It burns hotter and longer with brighter flames. Burning kiln dried firewood means very little smoke and minimal creosote.

ATH kiln dried firewood is perfect for cooking, camping, and heating.  Its lower moisture content makes it easier to carry, and super-easy to ignite!

• Locally sourced and processed by a family owned business.

• Requires less energy to burn and produces dramatically fewer emissions.

• With no bugs, mold, mildew, insecticides, it's 100% safe to stack inside.

With Kiln Dried Firewood by ATH, You Get More Heat With Less Wood!

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Family Owned - Serving Customers Since 1984

Anderson Timber Harvesting has been serving customers for almost four decades.

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Our local firewood is dried to our exacting standards in our own kiln. It's our attention to detail that makes ATH firewood the best firewood!

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From fast firewood quotes to on-time local delivery, we set the standard for firewood sales and delivery.

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Most all first-time firewood customers become lifelong members of the ATH Firewood family. 

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Family-owned for over thirty years, we specialize in kiln dried firewood, land clearing, logging & forest management services to our clients. 

Serving Our Customers With Integrity Since 1984!

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